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Rejuvenation Ayurveda Tour


Balancing :  BODY – MIND – & SOUL

Ayurvedam, the science of life, is the oldest health care system in the world (5,000 years old science), provides complete knowledge for long life. This ancient science has complete solutions for modern man’s ailments.

According to Ayurvedam, the human body is made up of pancha mahabhutas’ or ‘the five great elements’; Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. And all movements, transformations, sensory functions, and many of the other activities in the human body and mind are influenced by ‘Tridoshas’ which are Vatha, Pittha and Kapha. The imbalance of these Doshas is the main cause of most of the diseases.

The authentic Ayurvedam treatments will help you bring back the equilibrium of ‘Tridoshas’ and live your life in a much healthier way.

  “Sama dosha, sama agni cha,

    sama dhatu, malakriyah |

    Prasanna atmaindriya manah

    swastha itiabhidhiyate  || “

”  A healthy person should

  possess balanced bio elements

  and digestive fire, properly formed

  tissues, proper eliminatio, well

  functioning bodily processes with

  a pleasantly disposed, contented

  mind and senses”